Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Woman Proposes, God Disposes...

Woman proposes, god disposes..

I felt an overwhelming NEED to eat M&M's (with peanuts) around 3. What is it with 3 PM anyways? I always wonder. There I was doing my work around 2:59 PM and suddenly at 3 PM the world came to a screeching halt. Because every good deed needs an explanation, here is mine for wanting to eat the M&dM's (with peanuts). I will be giving up chocolate in the month of August. And since it is not August today, I really get this last chance to indulge into it, so I NEED to drag myself to the vending machine and eat the M&M's (with peanuts). Note that I choose MandM's (with peanuts) because mind you even at my unhealthy-est self, I try to balance it out. So I declared my resolution on the YM and asked "D" to join me in giving up something like ...ummm...Coffee..I also did not forget to attach the line in the end "If you truly love me". After I typed, I regretted it big time. ooops..

and because every "sure" has to have "if" after it, he said

"Sure, if that will make you feel loved"..

ok..I am not going to back out just I said

"Not really..I need a lot more things after that.."

needless to say I lost my fellow "something" giving companion right there.

At was almost 3:15 PM and a woman with a want of sugar rush cannot wait more than that. So I sighed and opened my purse. I was so sure I will find a dollar bill or quarters, but instead I found a lot of hello kitty hair clips, stamps from the doctors place and kohls cash. I frantically thought for a minute if I can use kohls cash inside wending machine, because, why not? I could not believe that a woman has to try so hard to get one tiny pack of tinnie-tiny M&M's (with peanuts) if she is ready to give up so much after that..oh well..I guess I don't have to now..I just wanted to be healthy, but whatever..woman proposes and..

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