Friday, May 27, 2011

Curious Jay has breakfast with Mommy

Back in Nina-About-To-Be-Born era....

This is Jay. he is a good little boy and always very curious. One day when the lady with pregnant belly a.k.a his mom - had a day off, she took him out for breakfast to his favorite place - DunkinDonut. Little Jay was excited to see all those donuts. He especially liked the one with chocolate and sprinkles on it. Mommy bought him one just like that.

Jay finished the chocolate and sprinkles in no time. Mommy pleaded Jay to eat everything, but sometimes little boys cannot concentrate.. So out they came in the parking lot ready to go home..Just then, Jay thought - Hey, why not have another donut just like that? So, he asked mommy for one more..Mommy tried all sorts of things to distract him, but sometimes little boys can concentrate on only one thing - chocolate donut with sprinkles on off they went - back in the store and stood in a big line behind a man who was watching the whole drama in the parking lot..

he smiled at mommy and said "So, you are having another one, huh?"..Mommy said "yeah, you see he wants another one with chocolate and sprinkles on.." and he started laughing very hard..after a few seconds he said "No no no..i meant you are having another baby...."..and now it was mommy's turn to laugh..Curious Jay stood there watching mommy laugh loudly and could never figure out why she did so..but sometimes little boys don't care about other things if they are surrounded by donuts..

Friday, May 20, 2011

hey you all..

Hey yo all..It's me..nee na dixit..
Maami has been sick I thot I shud assume the respos...responsee..hang on...respossibileetee (phew!!) of writing on her blog..I can tell she is getting old..yes, she has dark circles around her eyes..and Jay and I have spotted her murmuring to herself sometimes..something along the lines of "tuzi sasu kande khai"..whatever that means..Jay and I sometimes stand in stasion...stas..stationaree elevator because
maami does not press any floor buttons and keeps sighing..The other day while I was screaming for my milk bottle, she walked right past me and handed over the bottle to daddy..and daddy took it..yeah..what's up with that daddy..not cool..and maami you not nice too..there was no need to laugh that hard..

And then there are things maami and daddy want me to do that don't make for eggxampal, she wants me to have a bowl full of cereal early in the see what I am talking about..I am pretty happy with my milk bottle if you ask cereal..thank you very

And what's up with that thing called "Sharing"? huh? Don't you think if you buy two of each life will be simple? Two of each toy..two of each book..two of each crayon..does not sound that complicated to me..sure you can buy that much..I thot that is whole point of you guys going to that place called..umm..what is it called...wait a will come to me...yeah..that place called Ophis..go to Ophis and buy us two of each..

Rest all is fine so far..I just love my daddy, my maami and my Jay Jay..Only sometimes when I go to sleep at night, I am scared maami will vanish in thin air when I wake up, so I check on her every hour or so at night..I say to her "hey maami, you ok? go back to sleep"..I know it's hard work to keep an eye on maami, but hey a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do..know what i mean?

anywhooooo..will see you again..have a zubee dubee day yo all..