Friday, October 9, 2015

The Fourth Grade has happened...


The fourth grade has happened and the boy is in total shock of disbelief!!

Discipline and responsibility are not just words in dictionary or spelling test, they are actually something you do in you real life???

you see, when someone breaks your heart, we have this fear and sadness and anxiety in our eyes and the boy has all that when he goes through what homework he has to finish every day! His soft munchkin heart is all broken so to speak...

Needless to say I have been promoted from "mean mommy" to "the most mean-est mommy on the face of this galaxy" It's high time I get promoted..Better late than never.

I often think about what I can do for him right now so he becomes a pretty sensible person as a teenager. Fortunately "N" has been training me on how to deal with teenagers. My fourth grade started when she started her second year ...They both train themselves well on how to become a fully functional teenager.

1> They can slam the doors.
2> They can slam the doors. Very frequenty. Like all the time. ALL THE TIME.
3> They can sit at the dinner table looking extremely sad and pathetic.
4> They sigh when I come home from office.
5> They skip eating lunch in order to do something called "chatting" with their friends.
6> In any situation, and I mean "ANY", they can find a way to blame it on parents.
7> They also use pharases like "all seven years of my life" or "having a hard day" or "hurting feelings" or "you do not understand". (I especially like "all years of my life". Here is how you use it - I have been eating food all nine years of my life. If you want me to grow you better feed me.)
8> They can very effectively roll their eyes.
9> They can also use hand gestures to show us "quotation marks" around important words.
10> They stop recognizing us when we enter elevators.

Pretty impressive, huh?

P.S: I used to find the purpose of my life. But not anymore. I know now that I was sent upon this earth to be brought up by "J" and "N". It was just yesterday "N" taught me how to count....tenteen, eleventeen, twelveteen......The fourth grade has happened and the mom is in total shock of disbelief!!