Friday, March 30, 2012

Cinderella 911

Once upon a time there was a girl called Cinderella. She was blessed with a big brother DirtDigger. DirtDigger loved her very much..but sometimes he failed to understand her whims..Cinderella's father was a noble and kind man. Cinderella's mother was a different story..She believed that this world is indeed a colorful many of them..

Her father vividly remembers the very first time they took Cinderella to her physician's visit. Father was gazing at his daughter's beautiful face when an onlooker said "He is very cute!!"...Cinderella's mother jumped in quickly (as she always does for no reason at all) and said "Oh..she is a girl..She is just wearing her brother's clothes.." Cinderella's father gave her mother a nice of him to not roll his eyes and say something..

Up until recently Cinderella's mother had her way with the colors...She could dress Cinderella up in anything she felt like..more boyish may I say..But now Cinderella is coming back with a vengeance..She wants what she wants and she would not settle for anything less..Her world is full of things starting with "P"..and most of the times those things end with an "ink"..sometimes "urple"..but most definately "retty"..She believes Princesses are real..her mother does not..She believes world is a better place if all of us looked "P"rettier..her mother does not..She loves Pretty Pink shoes and it breaks her mom's heart to see her liking Pretty Purple shoes..

Oh, well...buckle up Cinderella's mom!! It's gonna be a bumpy ride!! and may I say an awfully pretty one...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Make it better place...

Despite popular belief I truly believe each one of you can do something to make this planet a better place for me..(for some reason Datta does not see that happening provided I am on the planet myself..but whatever...)
So with great effort (and also because I have nothing else to do) I have put together list of things and people that can easily annoy me..Drum roll please..

1> Are you one of those people who use the Microwave and do not press "clear" when you take the food out before the time is over? well please don't be because it drives me crazy. Why do you think this act of gratitude from you is going to help a fellow microwave user like you?
2> Are you one of those people who wash their lunchboxes in the sink and leave the sink looking like someone just took the bath in it? If yes, please do not tell me...because I get it love cleanliness..
3> Are you one of those people who grab hundreds of tissues when they go out for lunch and leave the unused ones on the table? Think people think. What is anyone supposed to do with it? At least leave a note for us what you intended us to do with them..
4> Are you one of those super busy people who use short forms of already short words? For example - "K" for "OK". what is up with that? I am sorry but I am already having tough time teaching phonics to Jay and I would hate to see that he has to also teach these weird things to his kids..
5> Are you one of those people who ignore 4 texts, 2 missed calls and 1 voice mail from your spouse? Please don't be...oh..fine..this one was just for Datta...

You see..simple changes..great results? KWIM? K..TTYL..

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Love thy sistuh!

Growing up as the youngest and pampered child in the family I had no unfulfilled wishes. I got the greatest deal ever. An amazing sister to fight with, blame it on and irritate with my obnoxious ways. You name it, I got it. I seldom remember something I did not get from her which I wanted at that very moment. She was the sisterhood personified. She shared, she cared, she worked and she taught. I never really had many friends to play with. So the only constant in my life was this person I call "Tai" (big sister). I am sure a number of times she must have felt my presence was not needed...when she hung out with her friends during teenage years..when she wanted some alone time..but she accepted me anyways..

Ofcourse we fought. Sometimes we did not speak. But we got each other's backs. The greatest gift I reveived from my parents has been my sister and will always be. Think about it. Analyze your own childhood if you had a sister. They are like trees. No matter what age and what state they are in their own personal life, they will always make time to listen to you. They will always give you that sense of being heard. Sure, they might not have solutions, but who is looking for them anyways? You can rest in that shadow full of affection, breathe that fresh air in and move on with your life. If you have not tried already, pick up that phone and call her right now. I mean it. You will come out as a new person at the end of that conversation. All you have to do is ask.

PS: If you cannot reach her for some reason, I am available as your mentor at a very minimal charge..I accept check.. or cash..or dinner invitation even..

माझी ताई
जिवाभावाची सई
तुझी आठवण होताच
बालपण जागे होई 
अंगणात खेळलो 
पावसात भिजलो
रडू येताच पटकन 
इकमेकांच्या कुशीत शिरलो
तुझ्या सारखी ताई
सर्वाना मिळावी
तुझी नि माझी मैत्री
जन्मोजन्मी जुळावी

Friday, March 16, 2012

How to break the ice (or not) with Mr. Hero

Mr. Hero and S are on YM (They are married for over 12 years and have 2 kids. You get the picture...)
Around 10AM
S: Hey, how is it going?

Around 2 PM:
S: Are you there?

3 o'clock, 0 minutes and 0 seconds:
S: Are we contributing enough to our 401Ks?

3 o'clock, 0 minutes and 1 seconds:
Mr. Hero: Yes, we are doing maximum allowed. Why?

S: Just wanted to see what kind of questions you reply back to immediately..
S: We need to move out of this place. What do you think?
S: ??
S: This is Houston..Do you read me?
Mr. Hero: Busy. Can we talk in the eve?
S: evening of which day and which year?

I think you got enough tips on how to talk (or not) to Mr. Hero when you run into him next time..Over and out..

Friday, March 9, 2012

March Madness

So happy to report the March madness in the Dixit household -

When going gets tough
Jay dixit was spotted grinning when he visited the doctors hot spot and was diagnosed with Strep throat second time in the last 5 weeks. Apparently he loves the medicine from the fridge. it added to his excitement when doctor said "it is a 10 day course mommy" as his mom was spotted gasping for air.

Miss. Independent
Mommy Dixit has found her match (when it comes to arguing and making up SMART excuses) in her own house! All this while she thought she had no competition! Here is why-
Venue: Nina's class
Mrs. T: Nina pouts and says she has a severe tummy ache when she sits at the table for lunch. After lunch suddenly she is fine and dandy. We think she does not want to eat herself. We cannot feed her.

Mommy Dixit is busy gazing at her almost 3 year old..(thinking in her head, wow that is a smart excluse! That’s my girl)
Mrs. T (turning to Nina): You are a big girl Nina, right? You need to eat yourself.

Scene 2:
Venue: Home
Mommy Dixit: Guys, its dinner time..
Nina: Mommy can I please have some jelly?
Mommy: I will give you one scoop
Nina: No, I will take it myself
Mommy: No No Nina, mommy will give it to you
Nina: (throwing her hands in air) But, you said I need to eat by myself? Right?

You go girl!

Can this be true?
Do you think adults have growth spurts? Mommy Dixit has been spotted guzzling down the left over chocolate milk and staring at kids plates and finally asking "you don’t want that piece of cheese, do you?"

So upset
Mommy: Daddy will be home on time! yay!!!
Nina: Why? is SHE upset with her office?
Mommy: I wish SHE was..

Beware dentists
Nina spotted a couple of loose teeth and Jay saw a cavity falling down in the sink while brushing..God, please save the teeth and NJ dentists!

Mighty wind?
Mommy Dixit said yesterday's wind was able to knock her down. We said, Yeah, it was some mighty wind. She vehemently declined that saying "It’s a sign that I am getting slimmer" Do you agree with her? Yes or No? In any case, she said "I do not care" while she was munching on the last piece of girl scout cookie. Or did she say “I want one more”??. Hard to figure out when someone is eating..anyways..

Who knew?
Dixit kids are getting increasingly anxious and (may I say) demanding as April is approaching. While Nina has demanded for one blue lollipop in a box (?) and one pink lollipop in a box (?), Jay's demands are IPad, IPhone and WeScream.

Daddy: Jay, these things are costly. We need a lot of money to buy these and you do not need them anyways.
Jay: Don’t worry Daddy. Order it on the internet. It's free.

Phew! Who knew...Thanks Jay Jay..

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Welcomne to Hat Chat!

 Jay: Welcome to the Hat Chat show everybady where we present you the latest sc-oo-p of dixits. Soooo, today's topic is "Where is Daddy?"
Nina: Yeah, where is Daddy Jay?
Jay: yeah yeah, soo, mommy says he got married to his office. ouhoooo uhoooooooooooo
Nina: Oh, my poor baby is's ok baby..
Jay: yeah yeah...sooooooo mommy says he got married to his office. Now let me tell ya- this getting married should be pretty serious thing you all..cuz once you get married you pretty much go missing...
Nina: Jay, my baby Lucy is missing. Do you think she got married?
Jay: okay okay Nina, we are kinda off the track here..little sisters...(eye roll) Sooooo, everyday its like mommy comes home and says "Daddy will bee late" and we are like "Whaaaat?? we need to take care of you again?"  I mean we can take care of her and all but she is getting pretty old afterall..
Nina: whaat? she is pretty old? How old Jay?
Jay: Nina, dont worry about it. You can only count until 20 anyways..
Nina: Yeah, thank god Jay can count until a couple of hundreads..
Jay: thanks sis!
Nina: Oh but Jay, can ypu please stop talking with mommy about Infinity at dinner time? we get it..infinity is not a number..she told u right? it's getting plain boring
Jay: whatever Neen, moving Daddy, if you are watching our show on the internet, please come home and take care of mommy cuz even though I am almost 6, Nina is way too small..
Nina: whaattttt? so not nice of you...i am almost 3. I am big..
Jay: Nina, you can not even brush your teeth..and really, you should have eaten that chocolate of mine..I was not allowed to do that at your think...
Nina: whaaat? how can i brush my own teeth? I am only almost3. I am too small ..u see..