Friday, March 30, 2012

Cinderella 911

Once upon a time there was a girl called Cinderella. She was blessed with a big brother DirtDigger. DirtDigger loved her very much..but sometimes he failed to understand her whims..Cinderella's father was a noble and kind man. Cinderella's mother was a different story..She believed that this world is indeed a colorful many of them..

Her father vividly remembers the very first time they took Cinderella to her physician's visit. Father was gazing at his daughter's beautiful face when an onlooker said "He is very cute!!"...Cinderella's mother jumped in quickly (as she always does for no reason at all) and said "Oh..she is a girl..She is just wearing her brother's clothes.." Cinderella's father gave her mother a nice of him to not roll his eyes and say something..

Up until recently Cinderella's mother had her way with the colors...She could dress Cinderella up in anything she felt like..more boyish may I say..But now Cinderella is coming back with a vengeance..She wants what she wants and she would not settle for anything less..Her world is full of things starting with "P"..and most of the times those things end with an "ink"..sometimes "urple"..but most definately "retty"..She believes Princesses are real..her mother does not..She believes world is a better place if all of us looked "P"rettier..her mother does not..She loves Pretty Pink shoes and it breaks her mom's heart to see her liking Pretty Purple shoes..

Oh, well...buckle up Cinderella's mom!! It's gonna be a bumpy ride!! and may I say an awfully pretty one...

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