Friday, March 9, 2012

March Madness

So happy to report the March madness in the Dixit household -

When going gets tough
Jay dixit was spotted grinning when he visited the doctors hot spot and was diagnosed with Strep throat second time in the last 5 weeks. Apparently he loves the medicine from the fridge. it added to his excitement when doctor said "it is a 10 day course mommy" as his mom was spotted gasping for air.

Miss. Independent
Mommy Dixit has found her match (when it comes to arguing and making up SMART excuses) in her own house! All this while she thought she had no competition! Here is why-
Venue: Nina's class
Mrs. T: Nina pouts and says she has a severe tummy ache when she sits at the table for lunch. After lunch suddenly she is fine and dandy. We think she does not want to eat herself. We cannot feed her.

Mommy Dixit is busy gazing at her almost 3 year old..(thinking in her head, wow that is a smart excluse! That’s my girl)
Mrs. T (turning to Nina): You are a big girl Nina, right? You need to eat yourself.

Scene 2:
Venue: Home
Mommy Dixit: Guys, its dinner time..
Nina: Mommy can I please have some jelly?
Mommy: I will give you one scoop
Nina: No, I will take it myself
Mommy: No No Nina, mommy will give it to you
Nina: (throwing her hands in air) But, you said I need to eat by myself? Right?

You go girl!

Can this be true?
Do you think adults have growth spurts? Mommy Dixit has been spotted guzzling down the left over chocolate milk and staring at kids plates and finally asking "you don’t want that piece of cheese, do you?"

So upset
Mommy: Daddy will be home on time! yay!!!
Nina: Why? is SHE upset with her office?
Mommy: I wish SHE was..

Beware dentists
Nina spotted a couple of loose teeth and Jay saw a cavity falling down in the sink while brushing..God, please save the teeth and NJ dentists!

Mighty wind?
Mommy Dixit said yesterday's wind was able to knock her down. We said, Yeah, it was some mighty wind. She vehemently declined that saying "It’s a sign that I am getting slimmer" Do you agree with her? Yes or No? In any case, she said "I do not care" while she was munching on the last piece of girl scout cookie. Or did she say “I want one more”??. Hard to figure out when someone is eating..anyways..

Who knew?
Dixit kids are getting increasingly anxious and (may I say) demanding as April is approaching. While Nina has demanded for one blue lollipop in a box (?) and one pink lollipop in a box (?), Jay's demands are IPad, IPhone and WeScream.

Daddy: Jay, these things are costly. We need a lot of money to buy these and you do not need them anyways.
Jay: Don’t worry Daddy. Order it on the internet. It's free.

Phew! Who knew...Thanks Jay Jay..

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