Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Make it better place...

Despite popular belief I truly believe each one of you can do something to make this planet a better place for me..(for some reason Datta does not see that happening provided I am on the planet myself..but whatever...)
So with great effort (and also because I have nothing else to do) I have put together list of things and people that can easily annoy me..Drum roll please..

1> Are you one of those people who use the Microwave and do not press "clear" when you take the food out before the time is over? well please don't be because it drives me crazy. Why do you think this act of gratitude from you is going to help a fellow microwave user like you?
2> Are you one of those people who wash their lunchboxes in the sink and leave the sink looking like someone just took the bath in it? If yes, please do not tell me...because I get it ..you love cleanliness..
3> Are you one of those people who grab hundreds of tissues when they go out for lunch and leave the unused ones on the table? Think people think. What is anyone supposed to do with it? At least leave a note for us what you intended us to do with them..
4> Are you one of those super busy people who use short forms of already short words? For example - "K" for "OK". what is up with that? I am sorry but I am already having tough time teaching phonics to Jay and I would hate to see that he has to also teach these weird things to his kids..
5> Are you one of those people who ignore 4 texts, 2 missed calls and 1 voice mail from your spouse? Please don't be...oh..fine..this one was just for Datta...

You see..simple changes..great results? KWIM? K..TTYL..

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