Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Daily Mist

Hey you all, its me..Jay Jay - a reporter of the Daily Mist. It's been a while..Now you might ask "Why is it called The Daily Mist?" to which I answer "Becuz"..

I have made the most important discovery of the womenkind and the mankind (<-- mommy, I know you will be proud of me to use word womenkind..thanks..)The truth is your parents almost always agree when the decision is going against what you hoped for yourself-

J: Can I have my own iPhone?
M & D: Nooooooooooooo

J: Can you buy me a horse as a gift for next birthday?
M & D: Noooooooooooooooooo

J: I do not feel like going to this birthday. I think I will not go..
M & D:Oh, yes, you will..

A little background - lately I think mommy is getting way too much time for herself and also I feel we need this. We need a baby sibling here. Becuz imagine when the object in question is well fed, burped, rested, bathed, cleaned, dried, clothed, well fed again, burped and then resting in the stroller, I can show her/him off as my see? So, I made a little rhyme for mom and dad to agree with my proposal

J (looking at mom and dad): May be you want a baby
M & D : Noooooooooooooooooooo..No way...
alas, I had to change the rhyme
J: May be you want a baby, but may be you just won't

So, please make a note, you all kids around the world, when your parents agree to dis-agree with you, you will most definitely see a little sparkle in their eyes which is a miracle..
moving on...

the little sister has finally figured out what she wants to be when she grows up
M: Nini, what do you want to be when you grow up?
N: Yesterday, when I growed up, I want to be a cooker..
that is so hill-a-ri-us..somehow she had a pretty annoyed and firm expression on her cooker it is Nina..we get it..

Talking about getting annoyed, I have been subjected to frequent bouts of crying followed by bouts of weird laughing and then crying by Nina (and her mother) all day long. I do not get it. mommy said "Jay Jay we are prepraring you for what lies ahead.." I still do not get it..becuz as far as I can see I have math test, spelling test, another math test and then another spelling test ahead of me and I do not know what crying and then laughing is doing to help me survive that..but whateves..

I am so happy to announce that I watched my very first Indian movie...its called English-Vinglish..or may I say "Hindi-Vindi" for me? becuz man, there was a whole lot of Hindi-Vindi in there..while mom and dad where enjoying the movie completely ignoring me, uncle Nick came to the rescue and provided sub-titles..thanks uncle Nick, I owe you one..or may be two..

In the make-believe fire-fire game played by me and Nina last week, there was a make-believe fire on Gokhale road in India. We had to close the entire street for which daddy said "No way. you cannot close gokhale road. If there is fire, people will walk over it and it will vanish on its on"..for some reason, mommy looked annoyed..have I already mentioned to you that womenkind seem to get annoyed pretty fast..I think mommy has some contacts on gokhale road and she won't allow daddy to roam around there anymore..daddy better explore new roads..

Talking about exploring, daddy showed me this new thing called Google-Earth.
Daddy, why is it called Google-Earth if I can explore mars and moon there?

Its pretty cool-vool tool..while daddy and I were busy exploring Earth this last weekend, mommy for some reason seemed upset. Oh, did I mention to you that womenkind seem to get upset pretty often? But daddy assured me while holding cup of coffee that we are brought upon this earth for greater cause - which is to explore..besides you can not even find laundry and groceries in Google earth..way to go daddy..

So, whats cooking-vooking at your end? 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The edge

I sigh
and move closer to the edge
every single time

The edge is scary
But the jump might be beautiful
I say to myself

As I inch closer
I start to see the things down there

Things appear so tiny
all covered in shimmering light
beckoning me to get all wrapped up
in a tight warm hug

Make no mistake
Once you jump
there is no coming back

There is a lot to lose
and a lot to give back
will I ever feel whole again?
there is only one way to find out

I take a deep breath
close my eyes and smile a bit
I just have to let go
this could be it

suddenly I hear something ring
something oh so familiar
I run towards it with all the might
as it keeps getting louder..

My eyes are wide open now
and lost at the same time..
As I sit frozen in my seat
and see my bus stop way behind..

Thursday, October 18, 2012

TP Queen

काय करतोस जय?
काय करतोस जय?
अग TP करतो थोडा
सारखे काम करून करून
कंटाळा आला जरा
Huh , TP ?
TP  म्हणजे काय?
अग TP म्हणजे time  pass
माहित नाही कसे तुला?
TP म्हणजे काय
हे कोणी रे सांगितले तुला?
अग काल दुपारी गप्पा मारताना
आज्जीच म्हणाली मला
बघ TP करणे सोप्पे नाही
हे माहित आहे का तुला?
जरा disturb करू नकोस
मोकळे सोड बघू मला
Hello Daddy Hello Daddy
जरा वेळ आहे का तुला?
TP म्हणजे काय करावे
ते सुचत नाहीये मला
हो का?असे करू?
बर बर, phone ठेवतो मी आत्ता
संद्याकाळी तू घरी आल्यावर
सावकाश मारूया गप्पा
अग mummy अग mummy
एक meeting घायची आहे मला
daddy म्हणाले कि तू TP expert आहेस
म्हणून consult  करतो तुला

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We drawed so much we thinked we should share-one by one....

                                                          Manhattan Skyline By Jay


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yes Boss!

It was about time she updated me with the order of precedence that has been already in one of our daily status review meetings Nina Kumari spilled the beans..

N: Mommy, it's going to rain tomorrow..
M: Hmm...
N: Big rain drops know what that means?
M: what?
N: no school tomorrow..for me and Jay and you and daddy
M: I still have to ask my manager to see if he is okay with vacation..
N: You mean Daddy?
M: Hmm??
N: Yes, your manager - Daddy?
M: No, Daddy is not my manager..
N: Yes, he IS ..Daddy is your boss, you are Jay's boss and Jay is my boss..okke?

I mean I admit there might have been incidents that might have given my very own kids a wrong impression about who might be the boss, but all this while I thought I was teaching them who is assigned what kind of for example-

J: Mommy, chair is broken..
M: Let's wait for daddy. He is strong.

J: Mommy, can we buy the Ninjago spinner on Amazon?
M: Let's talk to Daddy and then decide.

J & N (Screaming): Mommy, we see a bug..we see a bug..
M: Daddy will be home in 10 minutes..the bug is crawling slowly..I am sure the bug can wait..

Do you see where I was going with this? But alas..I digged a hole for myself..I finally understood what goes around comes around..I now know the meaning of get the point..

But gotta say boss, nice try! Now that I think about it, I see a direct connection of this line of thinking with 7 straight days the kids spent with you at home on vacation while I was praising you for being the best stay at home daddy in the world...But you know me and I know this game very well..Soon the ball will be in your court, Boss!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

From the first grade diaries

My felo first graders,

who made the rules anyways?
because sometimes you CAN read right to left I say

feel free to spell them right to left
and then draw some letters which are wiggly
Moms might try hard to put on a brave fact
but just know that they feeling all giggly

if you spell "fo" instead of "of",
please don't be hard on yourself..
Don't be alarmed with "d" and "b"
they both love each other and do not mind getting all mixed up themselves..

throw grammar rules out the window
it's all boring for the sentences ..
It's been years sentences had some fun
I think they are ready for a change..

and that change is you my friend
who would have thought?
I don't know about you
but my own grammar and phonics book writing is about to start..

- Jay
PS: Plees by my book on amezon or googul. If you do not no, call my mom..