Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The edge

I sigh
and move closer to the edge
every single time

The edge is scary
But the jump might be beautiful
I say to myself

As I inch closer
I start to see the things down there

Things appear so tiny
all covered in shimmering light
beckoning me to get all wrapped up
in a tight warm hug

Make no mistake
Once you jump
there is no coming back

There is a lot to lose
and a lot to give back
will I ever feel whole again?
there is only one way to find out

I take a deep breath
close my eyes and smile a bit
I just have to let go
this could be it

suddenly I hear something ring
something oh so familiar
I run towards it with all the might
as it keeps getting louder..

My eyes are wide open now
and lost at the same time..
As I sit frozen in my seat
and see my bus stop way behind..

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