Thursday, August 11, 2016

Circle Of Life

J and N fight a lot - which by popular belief means they love each other a lot. But after the fight is over does the love go up or down? I think that depends on the kind of fight they have just had. I happen to think there are three kinds of fights – a bad fight, a really bad fight and a really really bad fight. A really really bad fight is when both parties involved do not know what they are fighting about and it can go on and on…Man..really really bad fights are scary and boring…this word "really really bad fight" is giving me a squiggly line which makes me think it is grammatically incorrect. May be back when the grammar was invented J and N were not fighting. Which makes me think may be it’s time someone should rewrite the grammar and why not? Things improve over time so why not grammar? Which makes me think I should be the one who should be re-writing the grammar because why not..which makes me think writing grammar should be a pretty big task and it will make me do work. I distinctly remember I explain to a lot of people these days that I do not  have time to do anything these days and if I had time I would just sit on the couch and do nothing…..doing nothing …. Which makes me think doing nothing may be very close – very very close – to doing meditation. Which makes me think if doing nothing also means doing something, then why would that even be my goal? Goals…now this makes me think..really really think..there are 2 schools of thought going on here..some people say it’s a must to have goals and stick with them no matter what..and some people say it’s good to have goals but we should be flexible about for example, if my goal was to have a nap on a weekend and then on Sunday I realize oh my god, no nap?? Then I should remind myself, it is good to have goals, but I should be flexible. Which makes me think why would I not even take a nap on a weekend…hmmmm…could it be a bad fight? A really bad fight? Or may be a really really bad fight???