Monday, January 7, 2013

Evening timepass with kids..

We singed so much, we thinked we should share-
Phulon ke rang se with some coughing in the background

Fairly Old

I am not the person who is shy about her age. At all..Really. If someone is asking me "BTW, what is your.." I say "38 plus or minus 1"..before even they complete their sentence. (Don't ask about plus or minus thing..) I know I am getting older. And I actually am pretty comfortable with it. I would not want to go back to being early 20 something and then fall in love and then make that guy fall in love (phew!!) and then have kids and then feed them like you very much..I am very cozy and comfy where I am after all the hard work I put in..sure, the age of getting all excited about your birthday are gone..but I feel like a calm river now..It kinda felt like all the years after 24 something just flew by ..They went right past me like a fast and so super duper speedily..I was like standing near a very long goods trains and waving bye to it (you can see I am spending too much time talking about trains lately)..but my sweet children are always there to make me remind of my age like this one incident for example..jay and nina playing and jay demoing her how to do somersaults ..Nina points to me and says "Maami ?" and Jay says "nonono..she is old..old people can not do this..she can jump instead, right mommy?" point taken somersaults indeed..

The only time I feel old is when I think about the people older than me getting older. That is something hard to accept.. When I think about mom, I want to become 13 something so badly...Those were days of miracles I would say. Dad going to office with no cell phone..we playing outside like crazy people, mom
calling our names in dark when its dinner time, the YEARLY shopping done on birthdays..I can still feel that
smell in the air when rain started..I can still feel the excitement of going to a movie with my sister..

Will my kids have something to remember like this? Will they remember I played monopoly with them? Or will they remember the Wii games we did not buy for them? Will they remember I enjoyed breakfast with them every single morning? Or will they remember that I was not there at home for them when they came back from school? I am asking you because I can not ask "Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kada Chana" who lives with me.. :-)