Friday, September 30, 2011

Do I know you?

Turns out, I don't know my own son anymore..My perfect 5 year old has turned into a giant whining machine..he has a giant whining pipe and 99 out of 100 times he is aiming to shoot it at no one else but his own mom..It does not matter why and whom he is upset about..(Datta, now I know how you feel about me...but that in no way means I will change my buddy)

Every evening when I pick him up from school, he looks like a perfectly adorable sweet boy nodding his head and then saying have a good night to his teachers and five minutes know what i mean...Don't you? Do I know him? I dont think so...But he definitely is showing some familiar traits which closely resemble his own mom..BTW whoever came up with terminology of terrible twos must have given up giving names for further age groups..but I am not gonna quit..It is called ferocious fives..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Never been dumped before..

Yesterday turned out to be the climax of movie "Never been dumped before" for me..
When you are a five year old who just started kindergarten and cannot nap the entire day and do not have a single ounce of energy left but still want to play on the swing forever and have a mommy who would like to get home sometime ..this is what it boils down to..when mommy says "Jay it is time to go home " and starts walking..

Jay follows her and tells her (BTW he is so irritated with my behavior he does not even want to talk to me, but has to give me a peace of mind anyways..)

"mum-meee..I am naat goin to marry YOU...I am going to marry daddy.."

Never been dumped before...dont know how to handle this.. :-(

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School is for mommy to grow up..

4th day of school in Kindergarten. Jay - a kid that hardly waves back at you when you wave Hi or Bye to him..he hardly even notices you or shows any kind of emotion on his face when his friend of almost 5 yrs meets or greets him in the elevator..

Jay met Jordon in school aftercare. Jordon is his ex-classmate. Jordon told Jay - his brother Jayden (who is merely 8 yrs old BTW) has 6 girlfriends..(I imagined jay's jaw dropping) kidding..later during the day Jay got a chance to meet the army of girlfriends..Jay said over-enthusiasctically .."Mommy, one of them waved at me!" so, I asked "And then what happened?" Jay replied "I waved back" (my turn to drop the jaw).. Jay continued "Two others kept staring at me for no reason..haaa kidding.."

Kindergarten is hard..for me..