Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School is for mommy to grow up..

4th day of school in Kindergarten. Jay - a kid that hardly waves back at you when you wave Hi or Bye to him..he hardly even notices you or shows any kind of emotion on his face what.so.ever when his friend of almost 5 yrs meets or greets him in the elevator..

Jay met Jordon in school aftercare. Jordon is his ex-classmate. Jordon told Jay - his brother Jayden (who is merely 8 yrs old BTW) has 6 girlfriends..(I imagined jay's jaw dropping)..whoa..no kidding..later during the day Jay got a chance to meet the army of girlfriends..Jay said over-enthusiasctically .."Mommy, one of them waved at me!" so, I asked "And then what happened?" Jay replied "I waved back" (my turn to drop the jaw).. Jay continued "Two others kept staring at me for no reason..haaa haaa..no kidding.."

Kindergarten is hard..for me..

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