Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My work here is done...

On daily basis it is struggle to keep Jay and Nina walk from the day care door through the parking lot towards the car. They skip, bounce, jump in puddles, run like wild animals, freeze at times. My heart rate is on a high drive until they are tucked in their car seats. Yesterday was a whole another ball game though. Jay walked slowly, looked for cars approaching, went near the car and waited. Nina walked along my side and walked quietly until she was on Jay's side. I was close to having tears in my eyes...is this for real?

Mommy: Wow Jay, you walked like a very responsible person today.
Jay  : Yes, mommy. I did not run. I looked on the left and then on the right and then crossed the road. And Nina will learn from me and then do the same. We do not need you anymore.

what else does a mom want to hear at the end of the day?

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