Friday, July 15, 2011

Almost there!

Life has been a roller coaster lately..actually for last 12 yrs or so. Once in a while I get this urge to write about something and then the other times I get to make fun about what I wrote in the past. Don't you always laugh when you look at your old photos? It's kind of that.

When I read what I wrote, I am like "Whoa! what was I thinking???.." anyways..
It was high time I start the PT for Nina. For those of you lounging on your comfy sofa with no kids running around, PT stands for Potty Training. Our house has 2 hot spots..we always hang out there..2 bathrooms..yes, the place where everything happens..or should I say supposed to happen..but does not sometimes..haaa haaa..

So little Nina was fed up of giving me hints that she hates diapers and then she was fed up of saying "Mommy, I do not want to wear diapers". So, I could not run away from taking on that task anymore..Potty training is not for kids..It is for parents. You have to let go of whatever freedom you have got to wander around your own house without worrying where your diaper clad child is..This is a serious business. No
questions. In the last 5 years, 2 words have been the most spoken words in our (Datta and Myself) conversations. They both start with "P"..On some days, that is all we talk about..that is if we get a chance to talk..

There are great many things I discover when I start projects like this. Can you even imagine simple things like walking, eating, drinking from a cup and using restrooms were once upon a time not easy for us to do? It is simply amazing to me that we learnt all this when we were so small. This is not just training to use restroom, this is about listening to your body, listening to your parents, finding out what happens as a consequence of some decisions we take and finally moving on..

Having said that Nina is having a time of her life as usual. She is no way takes this seriously because she has no idea what serious means. With her little wit she figures out what kind of action gets maximum attention from her parents and she has fun watching us running around like crazy people when time calls for it (you know what I mean..) She has mastered the art of ingnoring me selectively. Read this typical
conversation I have with her (mostly one way conversation)

Mommy: Nina, do you want to use restroom?
Nina (in her mind): what if I blow bubbles now with Jay? Won't that be super fun? 

After half an hour...
Mommy: Nina, I think you should go to restroom.
Nina (in her mind): somehow I think pink play dough tastes way better than the yellow one..never tried blue though...

after half an hour...
Mommy: Nina, Let me take you to restroom. We will all clap if you go to restroom...
Nina (in her mind): Clap? what is she thinking? Clap is so old..I was hoping she would say chocolate or something..

After 15 minutes:
Mommy: Nina, I am going to take you to restroom NOW.. otherwise..
Nina (in her mind): Oh, so this is what worries..kind of having fun watching mommy run...I don't like this wet pink pant that I am wearing, but in any case I want it back..same pant please..just not so wet..But SAME PANT...


I am so there with her on this one thing..I want it back..Don't we all want something back?

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