Saturday, November 22, 2014

Basmati Developer

One day long long ago yesterday when I was far far away from home 2 minutes into my driving, the phone rang and it was Nina on the other side.

N: We aaa oooo?
M: what?
N: we aaa oooo?
M: what?
N: aa nee ooo
M: heh??
N: aaaaa neeeeee ooooooooooooooo

At first I thought my gifted child is beginning to deliver some message from a parallel universe and it was..She introduced me to Shira. Shira  is a highly expressive responsive open source language created by Nina. Shira is a highly vagabond-ish and attitude-ish language with severe need of an interpreter. So I came with up with the name of interpreter - Basmati. The interpreter will come next. But name is most important thing these days. You see the theme going on here, don't you? So Shira can be vaguely interpreted by Basmati right now as follows-

1> The key words in Shira are never spoken fully. For example - need as neee, where as we
2> The key words in Shira are sometimes not spoken at all. It's entirely interpreter's job to figure that out and Basmati is smart at that. for example:
3> The words should all flow together. For example:
heneeooo is He needs you. AaaaaneeeOOOooooo is I need you. Do you see the explosion of harmony going on there? Simply breathtaking!!
4> Shira ignores questions asked and can continue to give same answers in incresingly annoying tone of voice. For example:

aaa neee foooo ( I need food)
what's that Nina?
aaaaaaaaa [pause and eye roll] neeeeeeeeeeee fooooooooooo ( [woman], I need food)

5> sometimes in Shira one word or sentence can be heard as totally another word or sentence and it is left to listner to face the consequences. For example-

aa neeeeeeeeeeeee taaaaaaaa (I need that)
Who is Anita?
aaaaaaaaa neeeeeeeee taaaaaaaaaa (I need that)
you have a new friend called Anita??

6> Basmati needs help from smart brains as Shira gets more and more complex. So I call out to anyone who can demonstrate true courage to the daily scrum meeting at 12 AM.

PS: Nina is almost 18, and can speak better than her mom and dad and is in no need to speak Shira, but hey, it's Nina!!