Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kadhi Kadhi

विराट अचाट अशा या जगात
कसे जखडलो काळाच्या पाशात

सकाळ संध्याकाळ अन मग रात्रीचा मेळ
पुन्हा पुन्हा तोच खेळ

मन मागे आपण पुढे
मन इथे तर आपण तिथे

कुणाला एंक बाबा कुणाला एंक आई
कुणाला दोघेही अन कुणाला कुणीच नाही

प्रश्न किती पण उत्तरे नाहीत
गावेसे वाटले तर सूर जुळत नाही

कोण मित्र अन कोण नाही
शेवटी आपण एकटेच का तेही कळत नाही

कुठली सुरुवात आणि कुठला शेवट
पाहता पाहता वाट गेली सरत

Monday, June 11, 2012

Daddy's Korner

J: Welcome to hat chat everyone..where we bring you the latest sk-oo-p of your home..boy am I getting good at spellings or what..

N: Yes, you are Jay are cho sweet..

J: Today's topic is Daddy's k-o-r-n-e-r. Which means daddy has a k-o-r-n-e-r in our house..

N: Hey, I thought Daddy is the boss of the house..How come he has only one k-o-r-n-e-r?

J: have no clue about t-h-a-t. So Daddy's korner is right next to the dinner table. If he spots anything on the dinner table, he does a whole sweeping action -which by the way I love it Daddy in case you are listening - and dumps everything in the korner.

N: yeah yeah, I love it too Daddy. And I love you too are so silly...

J: you see, he loves cleanliness a lot..Mommy told me back when I was a baby..

N: Wait wait..where was I then?

J: clouds I suppose… How was it being there?

N: I have no e-f-g-u.

J: What in the world is e-f-g-u?

N: It is how to spell clue..e-f-g-u..

J: anyways..i-g-n-o-r-e h-e-r...back when I was a baby, I used to play with play dough and then mommy used to ask daddy to clean it. He used to tell her "All done". One day while cleaning, mommy found a pile of play dough under the sofa..see, hall all clean..all the time..cleanliness...I told you..

N: yup..makes yu-u-h-e

J: What ??...whatever that means..Sooo, mommy got a big basket and kept it in the korner so whatever daddy throws goes right in the basket..mommy seems to be getting hang of cleanliness afterall..

N: yeah yeah..Mommy is cho sweet..

J: The pile seems to be getting bigger. Thank god I sit on the opposite side of the table or else I might get buried under it in case it falls..

N: Hey Jay, can I move over to your side of the table?

J: En-O

N: Thanks Jay Jay. You always say yes to me..cho sweet...

Monday, June 4, 2012


Note: The conversations in some brackets were said but nobody heard them...
And conversations in some other brackets were also said but nobody heard them..

D: I have a release. I need to go to office at 1 AM tonight..
S: [What??? again?? Does anyone in your office have a life???] huh..
D: I need your phone (Honey)..If I miss my alarm, I will wake up with yours [I hope]
S: (Of course sweetheart)
D: Oh, but do I switch it off??How do I do it?? [sound of Panic if there is one..]
S: [Oh, for the love of IPhone] you will figure it out..You will get 2 options, Snooze and Dismiss..Leave it near my pillow when you leave..

12:15 AM
"S" jumps off her bed at the sound of alarm..
S:  you forgot to switch the alarm off???!!!!!!
D: I think I did..[I was not wearing my glasses..I could be that I thought I did but I did not..or maybe I am just hallucinating..]
S: It is blackberry touch have to really press it press it..[virtual sound of "S" enacting pressing on blackberry at 12:15 AM]
D: [Who in the world presses like that on a touch screen now a days??this is just plain crazy..] huh..So sorry (hun)..
S: Never mind (sweetheart..anything for you..)[You always do that..]