Monday, June 4, 2012


Note: The conversations in some brackets were said but nobody heard them...
And conversations in some other brackets were also said but nobody heard them..

D: I have a release. I need to go to office at 1 AM tonight..
S: [What??? again?? Does anyone in your office have a life???] huh..
D: I need your phone (Honey)..If I miss my alarm, I will wake up with yours [I hope]
S: (Of course sweetheart)
D: Oh, but do I switch it off??How do I do it?? [sound of Panic if there is one..]
S: [Oh, for the love of IPhone] you will figure it out..You will get 2 options, Snooze and Dismiss..Leave it near my pillow when you leave..

12:15 AM
"S" jumps off her bed at the sound of alarm..
S:  you forgot to switch the alarm off???!!!!!!
D: I think I did..[I was not wearing my glasses..I could be that I thought I did but I did not..or maybe I am just hallucinating..]
S: It is blackberry touch have to really press it press it..[virtual sound of "S" enacting pressing on blackberry at 12:15 AM]
D: [Who in the world presses like that on a touch screen now a days??this is just plain crazy..] huh..So sorry (hun)..
S: Never mind (sweetheart..anything for you..)[You always do that..]

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