Tuesday, May 22, 2012

From the Kingdom of ALot

Jay heard MommyYellsALot and DaddySleepsALot talking by the end of the day
"JayBug and NinaBallerina haven't been listening" said Mommy "what say?"

"Follow my Mantra" said Daddy "And never ever yell"
"You are doing that a lot, I can tell"

"Uh..oh.." Said Mommy "Here we go"
"I don't yell.." said Mommy "I am actually a very calm person you know"

"I will record it one day" said Daddy "And show it to you"
"Oh come on" said Mommy "That is the worst thing one could do"

"Wo..hay..Wo..Hay" thought Jay "They are talking about us.."
"There are so many nice things to say" he thought "Then why so much fuss??"

Out emerged Jay like a raging dart
"Hey buddy" said Daddy "You you still up, What's up with that?"

"Go to your room NOW and sleep" said Mommy in her booming voice
"This IS yelling you know" said Jay with great big poise

"Um...you are right.." said Mommy  "Let's not fight.."
"Let's all have a good night...let's all sleep tight.."

MommyYellsALot and DaddySleepsALot LearnTheirLessonsALot
MommyLaughtsALot and DaddyPlaysALot

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