Thursday, May 3, 2012


not able to move
I say to myself
"Girl, is it traffic or is it you?"

It must be me...I say to myself
and give a silly smile
standing in the middle of the road
thinking if it is worthwhile

roads are all mine, I know
faces are strikingly familiar
shop?? naah..not so much..
But things in there are definitely a lure..

This one is particularly difficult
My legs just would not move
My mind racing back
to fond memories of school

Just a few days
is all I have left
How many people can I meet
and how much love can I possibly get?

I try not to cry
and march on like a star
Only to find myself in front of
my old house not so far

now tears won't listen to me
It's not fair to even ask
I stand there silent for a moment
and bid my farewell alas

Back on the main street
I look for those faces
that sun, that sweat
and that love in traces

Main street cannot be Gokhale road
And it does not want to be
It will be waiting for me next time
right where it is meant to be...

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