Friday, April 27, 2012

Kande Pohe

it's me..Jay Jay..I am back from my India trip. India is a country of cousins and their cousins and their moms and dads and their cousins..very cousinish right? The cousins are happy people. They laugh, smile and play with you unlike two weird people I live with here (Not you Nina...I love you..)

Hey, by the way, I noticed Daddy was smiling almost continuously throughout the vacation. Did it hurt your jaws Daddy?

Sooo, cousins are lovely and their moms and dads are lovely and they do not mind if I make a mess and sing loudly or do whatever..should I mention unlike 2 weird people I live with? Cousins also never ask you to do homework..never ever..

There is a lot to eat..I bet it tastes good if I would eat it..Mom did a lot of that and that is probably why she did not ask me about homework until the day before we left..gooooo Indian Fooooooood........

People throw rice at each other in the weddings and find it funny and sad and tear up..or maybe they have allergies..poor people..but since when throwing is a good thing??

We travelled a lot..we passed cities and states and one day when we took a U turn I was worried we changed our country ..but mom and dad told me we were still in India..phew..

And now I am back here..I look out the window and find it very not-noisy..then I thought I should get my cousins here, but then their cousins will be angry at I can't do that..have to stay cousinless..
Anyways, I came across this awesome song called "Kande Pohe" in India. Listen to it..I thought I should write something along the same lines..something like

Life heeeeeeeeeeeee
Main Street varlyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Quiznos madhale-eeeeeeeeeee
Sandwich heeeeeeee.............

I like it ..except I want to make it more kande poheish and less sandwichy..but that's for another time!

Love you all my cousins...and miss you..muaaaahhhhhhhh...


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