Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Lady

Jay, Nina and Mommy playing car car and driving driving..

Jay(driver) : Excuse me, young lady..

Nina and Mommy turn and look at him..

Jay (turning to mommy): Not you, because Nina is the young lady and you are ..

Mommy: I am the old lady

Jay: No, I mean you are not very young lady any more..


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Turn back, Lucy!

U my baby
Me your mom
for sure

I tell-ed you so
when I see-ed you last time
Now if you need a hug, u come to mommy
becuz I donno where I left you behind

Me so busy
and house so big
God, so much work
and so less time

Me finding
U hiding
Is this what I teach-ed you?
pleeez send me a saa-in...

I call
U ig..ign..ignover (Phew!!)
Me waitin..
You cheatin..

P.S: This poem is published in an effort to find Nina's baby doll Lucy who mysteriously gets lost before bed time. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY..

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blessed Life!

Thirty some years back when she held her second born for the first time, she must have been proud. She must have placed a gentle kiss on those chubby cheeks and said "I love you with all my heart. I will make you a fighter and a dreamer. Never give up my girl!". As she passed her bundle of joy to the father, his face must have been beaming with joy. His gentle eyes must have had a twinkle in them. He must have hugged her and said "welcome..we have been waiting..I promise I will carry you every step of the way..all you have to do is believe.." Someone's two tiny  hands must have been waiting patiently for their turn. As they told their first-born "You are a big sister how..hold hands and always stick together..", she must have understood all that in her own three-year-oldish way and must have smiled. She must have said "I will, I will be with her and share"..and just like that their sweet little family must have felt complete..

Aai, Baba and Tai, thank you for choosing me then..because of you, I am..

Friday, August 3, 2012


तिचा विचार केला कि
त्याचे एकदम भान हरपते
तिला मात्र काहीच पत्ता नाही
ती आपले तिचेच काहीतरी करत असते

तो हातातले काम टाकून
तिच्यामागे पळतो
रात्रीवर रात्री
तिच्याच विचारात काढतो

कधी कधी त्याला वाटते
ती कशी एकदम साधी आहे
एक हात जरा पुढे केला कि
तिची माझ्याशीच गट्टी आहे

पण मग कधी कधी
ती फार खडुसगिरी करते
काहीही कारण नसताना
अशीच उगाच अडून बसते

ती हसते, आणि म्हणते
अरे वेड्या, मी नाही खरी, मी तर एक मोहिनी
तरी म्हणाले होते तुला
Resources वाढव आणि time allocate करू नकोस कमी
Here is to all your future releases Datta..Cheers and happy project planning!!
-From the Un-Mohini in your life

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

O(h) Glory!!

Dear Jay and Nina,

I wish there was a manual
about how to raise you kids
i wish it was clear and concise
and without a lot of what-ifs

I wish there was a pill I can give you
for breakfast, lunch and dinner
The kind of that is yummy and nutritious
which will make you and me feel like a winner

I wish there was a magic potion
which instead of bath I could spray
foos.. foos.. foos..
and you both would be clean for a day

Cuz clearly I do not understand
what's all the fuss about
On one hand you do not go in the bathtub
and on the other you do not come out..

But then if there was a pill and there was a spray
imagine how un-glorious motherhood would be
without all that counting, talking, explaining and all the other ing-s
Gosh, I would be ..well...so not me...