Wednesday, August 1, 2012

O(h) Glory!!

Dear Jay and Nina,

I wish there was a manual
about how to raise you kids
i wish it was clear and concise
and without a lot of what-ifs

I wish there was a pill I can give you
for breakfast, lunch and dinner
The kind of that is yummy and nutritious
which will make you and me feel like a winner

I wish there was a magic potion
which instead of bath I could spray
foos.. foos.. foos..
and you both would be clean for a day

Cuz clearly I do not understand
what's all the fuss about
On one hand you do not go in the bathtub
and on the other you do not come out..

But then if there was a pill and there was a spray
imagine how un-glorious motherhood would be
without all that counting, talking, explaining and all the other ing-s
Gosh, I would be not me...



  1. Interesting take on motherhood. A woman ought to be very efficient, else all the work will overwhelm.

  2. so cute ..lovely...motherhood is not a stage but a divine gift given to a chosen few my the master ......
    lovely :)

  3. Awww...You made being a mother a luxury and task at the same time. I loooovvvved the poem. I think your kids are small but they will admire it more when they will read it after many years.