Monday, June 24, 2013

I am one thankful Mommy

when you grow up you might wonder when was that day when I first asked my mom about make up. It was yesterday night. I was reading a book for you at bedtime. You asked me if I can buy you make up. I said not until you are a teenager. Mommy still does not have it. You said that's fair. I can buy you make up when you are a teenager. Your eyes looked like you cannot wait for that day. No so fast my dear. I need lots and lots of non-makeup-y fussy cranky days from you before so fast..
Yesterday was also the day when you rubbed your face against mine, looked at me and said I looked pretty. I can't take my eyes off of you. I do not know where that's coming from. But I loved it. Me being pretty in your eyes is the greatest reward I can ever, How about praising me for being funny? you think you can do that next?

It was not a great week for you and me and daddy. You came down with horrible hives. We thought it is our good old enemy eczema at its worst. You went to school no matter what. When I finally took you to doctor she explained me what it was. I broke down in front of the doctor. I saw so much sadness in your eyes that I was crying. The nurse gave you a shot. You did not complain a bit. You thanked her when she was done. She was mesmerized that a seven year old boy can be this bold and polite. Then you turned to me and said "I am okay mom. It's already going away. Can you please smile now?". You gave me a tissue to wipe my tears. Then you talked silly things to make me laugh. I am so proud of you my boy. You are a great son and big brother..don't ever lose this..

love you bunches my munchkins..