Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A day is a day is a day

Guys sorry if I am offending anyone with this post which is clearly not my intention because my opinion is my opinion and your opinion is just that..your opinion..only that my opinion is right..haaa haaa..Soooo, long story short I think I am setting my kids up to be failures in life very early on..and you all have a hand in it one way or the other..(Scroll 3 lines above and spot the word Sorry)
Here is what happened
Day before mother's day-
Mommy: Jay, Please keep your bowl in the sink.
Jay: No
(I was happy he answered in the first place, but why is the answer No?)
Mommy: Why?
Jay: Mother's day is tomorrow...

A week before Christmas-
Mommy: Jay I see that you are not listening today. Please pick up your toys.
Jay: If I behaved well in next week starting tomorrow, I am sure Santa going to give me a gift.

Sooooo whoever came up with this mother's day concept is clearly not my friend....why oh why would you bring this one more day in the world full of days already? Don't we have enough? Like “Mon” day and “Tues” Day and stuff?
I would like to propose to you guys to not make a big deal about these things if you are my friend (on Facebook that is..) Let's just all have a day and then call it a day and then move on to another day...shall we??

P.S: Day fairy, in case you are listening, Jay and Nina did some research with their classmates and found out that they (??) don't have brother's day and sister's day..pretty upsetting..please add it to your TO DO list..ASAP..

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