Monday, June 11, 2012

Daddy's Korner

J: Welcome to hat chat everyone..where we bring you the latest sk-oo-p of your home..boy am I getting good at spellings or what..

N: Yes, you are Jay are cho sweet..

J: Today's topic is Daddy's k-o-r-n-e-r. Which means daddy has a k-o-r-n-e-r in our house..

N: Hey, I thought Daddy is the boss of the house..How come he has only one k-o-r-n-e-r?

J: have no clue about t-h-a-t. So Daddy's korner is right next to the dinner table. If he spots anything on the dinner table, he does a whole sweeping action -which by the way I love it Daddy in case you are listening - and dumps everything in the korner.

N: yeah yeah, I love it too Daddy. And I love you too are so silly...

J: you see, he loves cleanliness a lot..Mommy told me back when I was a baby..

N: Wait wait..where was I then?

J: clouds I suppose… How was it being there?

N: I have no e-f-g-u.

J: What in the world is e-f-g-u?

N: It is how to spell clue..e-f-g-u..

J: anyways..i-g-n-o-r-e h-e-r...back when I was a baby, I used to play with play dough and then mommy used to ask daddy to clean it. He used to tell her "All done". One day while cleaning, mommy found a pile of play dough under the sofa..see, hall all clean..all the time..cleanliness...I told you..

N: yup..makes yu-u-h-e

J: What ??...whatever that means..Sooo, mommy got a big basket and kept it in the korner so whatever daddy throws goes right in the basket..mommy seems to be getting hang of cleanliness afterall..

N: yeah yeah..Mommy is cho sweet..

J: The pile seems to be getting bigger. Thank god I sit on the opposite side of the table or else I might get buried under it in case it falls..

N: Hey Jay, can I move over to your side of the table?

J: En-O

N: Thanks Jay Jay. You always say yes to me..cho sweet...

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