Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yes Boss!

It was about time she updated me with the order of precedence that has been already established..so in one of our daily status review meetings Nina Kumari spilled the beans..

N: Mommy, it's going to rain tomorrow..
M: Hmm...
N: Big rain drops mommy...you know what that means?
M: what?
N: no school tomorrow..for me and Jay and you and daddy
M: I still have to ask my manager to see if he is okay with vacation..
N: You mean Daddy?
M: Hmm??
N: Yes, your manager - Daddy?
M: No, Daddy is not my manager..
N: Yes, he IS ..Daddy is your boss, you are Jay's boss and Jay is my boss..okke?

I mean I admit there might have been incidents that might have given my very own kids a wrong impression about who might be the boss, but all this while I thought I was teaching them who is assigned what kind of work..like for example-

J: Mommy, chair is broken..
M: Let's wait for daddy. He is strong.

J: Mommy, can we buy the Ninjago spinner on Amazon?
M: Let's talk to Daddy and then decide.

J & N (Screaming): Mommy, we see a bug..we see a bug..
M: Daddy will be home in 10 minutes..the bug is crawling slowly..I am sure the bug can wait..

Do you see where I was going with this? But alas..I digged a hole for myself..I finally understood what goes around comes around..I now know the meaning of boomerang...you get the point..

But gotta say boss, nice try! Now that I think about it, I see a direct connection of this line of thinking with 7 straight days the kids spent with you at home on vacation while I was praising you for being the best stay at home daddy in the world...But you know me and I know this game very well..Soon the ball will be in your court, Boss!!

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