Friday, October 5, 2012

From the first grade diaries

My felo first graders,

who made the rules anyways?
because sometimes you CAN read right to left I say

feel free to spell them right to left
and then draw some letters which are wiggly
Moms might try hard to put on a brave fact
but just know that they feeling all giggly

if you spell "fo" instead of "of",
please don't be hard on yourself..
Don't be alarmed with "d" and "b"
they both love each other and do not mind getting all mixed up themselves..

throw grammar rules out the window
it's all boring for the sentences ..
It's been years sentences had some fun
I think they are ready for a change..

and that change is you my friend
who would have thought?
I don't know about you
but my own grammar and phonics book writing is about to start..

- Jay
PS: Plees by my book on amezon or googul. If you do not no, call my mom..

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