Saturday, March 3, 2012

Welcomne to Hat Chat!

 Jay: Welcome to the Hat Chat show everybady where we present you the latest sc-oo-p of dixits. Soooo, today's topic is "Where is Daddy?"
Nina: Yeah, where is Daddy Jay?
Jay: yeah yeah, soo, mommy says he got married to his office. ouhoooo uhoooooooooooo
Nina: Oh, my poor baby is's ok baby..
Jay: yeah yeah...sooooooo mommy says he got married to his office. Now let me tell ya- this getting married should be pretty serious thing you all..cuz once you get married you pretty much go missing...
Nina: Jay, my baby Lucy is missing. Do you think she got married?
Jay: okay okay Nina, we are kinda off the track here..little sisters...(eye roll) Sooooo, everyday its like mommy comes home and says "Daddy will bee late" and we are like "Whaaaat?? we need to take care of you again?"  I mean we can take care of her and all but she is getting pretty old afterall..
Nina: whaat? she is pretty old? How old Jay?
Jay: Nina, dont worry about it. You can only count until 20 anyways..
Nina: Yeah, thank god Jay can count until a couple of hundreads..
Jay: thanks sis!
Nina: Oh but Jay, can ypu please stop talking with mommy about Infinity at dinner time? we get it..infinity is not a number..she told u right? it's getting plain boring
Jay: whatever Neen, moving Daddy, if you are watching our show on the internet, please come home and take care of mommy cuz even though I am almost 6, Nina is way too small..
Nina: whaattttt? so not nice of you...i am almost 3. I am big..
Jay: Nina, you can not even brush your teeth..and really, you should have eaten that chocolate of mine..I was not allowed to do that at your think...
Nina: whaaat? how can i brush my own teeth? I am only almost3. I am too small ..u see..

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