Thursday, March 22, 2012

Love thy sistuh!

Growing up as the youngest and pampered child in the family I had no unfulfilled wishes. I got the greatest deal ever. An amazing sister to fight with, blame it on and irritate with my obnoxious ways. You name it, I got it. I seldom remember something I did not get from her which I wanted at that very moment. She was the sisterhood personified. She shared, she cared, she worked and she taught. I never really had many friends to play with. So the only constant in my life was this person I call "Tai" (big sister). I am sure a number of times she must have felt my presence was not needed...when she hung out with her friends during teenage years..when she wanted some alone time..but she accepted me anyways..

Ofcourse we fought. Sometimes we did not speak. But we got each other's backs. The greatest gift I reveived from my parents has been my sister and will always be. Think about it. Analyze your own childhood if you had a sister. They are like trees. No matter what age and what state they are in their own personal life, they will always make time to listen to you. They will always give you that sense of being heard. Sure, they might not have solutions, but who is looking for them anyways? You can rest in that shadow full of affection, breathe that fresh air in and move on with your life. If you have not tried already, pick up that phone and call her right now. I mean it. You will come out as a new person at the end of that conversation. All you have to do is ask.

PS: If you cannot reach her for some reason, I am available as your mentor at a very minimal charge..I accept check.. or cash..or dinner invitation even..

माझी ताई
जिवाभावाची सई
तुझी आठवण होताच
बालपण जागे होई 
अंगणात खेळलो 
पावसात भिजलो
रडू येताच पटकन 
इकमेकांच्या कुशीत शिरलो
तुझ्या सारखी ताई
सर्वाना मिळावी
तुझी नि माझी मैत्री
जन्मोजन्मी जुळावी

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