Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to get your own pets..

Standing inside the elevator with N and J when we spotted a very pregnant lady walking towards elevator with her dog. While the elevator door was closing, J chimes in "that lady is pregnant".

2 hours later..

N having a good time splashing water in the bath tub while I was watching her..she suddenly turns and asks me "Are you pregnant?" . My eyes ready to pop out. I mean I am chubby and all, but this? I said "Noooo" She says "But why not??" I said "because mommy is done having babies. If we have one more baby, she will not have time to take care of you and J". Her eyes became very curious. She goes "U mean, when you are pregnant, you get a baby?" I said "Yeahhhh....why??" She goes "I thought you get pets. Your own pets.."

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