Tuesday, August 6, 2013

There is magic in the air...


It was magical moment for me when I was waking you up in the morning. I thought somewhere in some corner of the world some other mom must be waking up a person or may be playing with a person who will grow up and will be in your life as your life partner years after today. It was such a joyful thought for me. I looked at your face and wished from the bottom of the heart that I cross paths with this little person some day and somehow sense some magical bonding. That person - just like you - might be hating school homework or might be loving it. That person might be singing all day like you do..that person might be a picky eater... That person might have some allergies or not...That person exists. And I already love that person. I wish with all my heart that that person never has to ask for love...never has to feel lonely...never has to lose faith in love...love you..

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