Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The class has just begun..

J & N,

There is a lot to learn..thirty nine years of life have taught me a lot, but it feels like the class has just's an amazing class with an amazing teacher..a lot of people attend it..They each learn their own this class, you just have to be..just be..believe it or's much more difficult than you can think of..just being..breathing..

Amazingly enough, sometimes in this class, people forget that they are in the class together..all of them..they forget they are here to learn..together..that's when they just stop being..they become judgmental..they give opinions without asking..they hurt each other..but in this class, nobody get how many ever chances you want to just can come back to just being..

It's hard to see teacher's face..sometimes it appears that the teacher is not teaching anything at all..teacher is stubborn. We think what has gotten into him? It is even worth to attend this? I would rather be someplace else..I want a different class..I want different teacher..we march out of the class only to find ourselves in another class with the same exact teacher..there is no escaping him..

Sometimes you think ..boy how I wish things would have been different with day become stop believing in seem like a want to go meet the teacher and pour your heart out..may be he has the solution to all this..with a lot of hope, you finally go closer to the teacher and find yourself looking at your own smile at hold your own give yourself your own shoulder to cry whisper in your own's are okay..i love are special..i love you..we are going to be great together..I am here..

Cheers to my teacher..she has been wonderful so far..i love her..

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