Friday, March 1, 2013

Pink Icing

Nini girl,

Last weekend I took you to a birthday party..there were cup cakes for you with yellow wanted pink told the hostess you wanted pink instead of yellow and she promised she will do a fresh new icing on a cupcake for you when time came..when the time came you went and told her that she promised she would give you pink icing..she asked you to waited patiently in the midst of all the crowd..I was watching you from a distance..every expression on your face...after reminding the hostess 3 times and then waiting some more, you got what you wanted without any help from me...girl, I was so proud of you...i felt like jumping on the sofa and clapping and cheering for girl got what she are so much like me...feisty, gently adamant at times, irritatingly adamant at other times..we girls need that..Don't know why..Can't explain you how much ..but we do.. trust me..

Back in my school days, someone asked me if I thought girls had to do more compromises than boys later in their answer was "it all depends on the girl.."..i stick to my point..with a little twist..first point is sometimes the girl does not know what she wants and second point is, there is no way one human being can compare amount of compromises other people are making or have made..gender is a mute point..Compromises are much like sad incidents and beautiful incidents in my cannot avoid them. The more you run away, the more they will haunt you. The more you own them, the more stronger and happier they will make you..they can come in all shapes and sizes..some can be less intense and some so intense that you might lose the grip of who you one point in time, I used to feel compromise is a win-loose situation, but I was so wrong..It's up to us to make it a win-win situation..totally..there is no school to teach you all intertwined in human nature and the more you do it, the better you get at it..

As a mom, I always want my girl to get the pink icing..always..but I know you won't..there will be more yellow than pink my girl..It would break my heart to see you struggling but I know more than anything that I will be strong enough to pat your back ..always and forever..and let me tell you a secret..yellow is as good as pink..sometimes even amazingly awesome...good luck Nini girl!!

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