Thursday, February 28, 2013

Classic Daddy

JayBug and NinaBallelina,

When you grow up, this is going to make you are welcome!
One day in the morning, mommy had something important (according to her) to ask Daddy. So she dialed the number -
S: Hey, can I talk to you for 5 minutes?
D: Yeah, sure!
D: That will make me about 5 minutes late in the evening...
dhadam <-- that's the noise of the phone receiver..question for you...who do you think banged the phone that badly?? remember, you were on my team...
One weekend, Daddy was teaching Compound words to JayBug.
D: Jay, button is a compound word
j: Hah?
D: yeah...butt + on = button...get it??
For some reason Daddy's face was proud..

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