Thursday, March 14, 2013

This is for you, D..

Dear D,
I got to see you at a party. You were such a special 7 year old girl!! screaming, smiling, laughing, hugging other girls.....When the party was over, we found out that you left your jacket there itself..I had your jacket in my hand when you came looking for it..I saw a car waiting outside as you walked in. I tapped on your shoulders and asked you "Are you D? Is this your jacket?" You gave me the sweetest grin ever..loved it! I helped you put on the jacket and as you turned around to go out, I asked you "Is your mom waiting outside?" nodded your sweet little head up and down a few times..
Later I came to know your mom is no more..something inside me froze for a few seconds..D, I feel so so connected to you right now for some weird reason..u and me..we are so so similar..I also do the same exact thing when some stranger asks me how is my dad doing..I nod my head up and down a few times..i hope you somehow know right now that, even though I spoke to you like a stranger, I share a little slice of your must be God's plan that I decided to carry your jacket with me..thank you D!

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