Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rainbow heart

I am always amazed by the rainbow. I can look at it for hours if it would stay. It is not just the awesome colors and the amazing shape that awakens every desire to live inside me, it's so much more than that. The colors are bound together so tightly like a band of brothers. Nobody can ever try to separate them. It's so so high up I am always curious how will it be to sit on it and kind of slide down until I realize even more beautiful thing about it - that is it really does not exist. It's just a phenomenon. It's not a thing I can touch and feel with my hands. How can something like this give me such tremendous joy? then I start thinking about my life and realize lots of things that are not physical things give me extreme joy. Ever wonder where is love coming from? Where in my body does it really exist? I can never touch it with my hands but it fills my entire being. Ever wonder where is compassion coming from? I can feel it all the time. I can feel it so much flowing inside me. I bet there is a rainbow inside me. Inside every human being. All these colors are the feelings. Good feelings, scary feelings, nervous feeling, feelings of excitement, compassion, affection and pure joy. They are sticking together like a band of brothers. They need each other. Sometimes it rains inside me. It rains for days. There is no sun. Not even a hint of it. It feels utterly hopeless and gloomy. All I have to do then is to remember my precious moments with the rainbow. When it all sunny and bright, I will see it again. It's going to fill my whole entire body and being with such palpable excitement and joy, I am going to grow much stronger than I was ever before. My rainbow heart beckons your rainbow heart today. May our rainbows collide some day or may I say mingle??

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