Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Joey" The Joey

little joey suddenly felt cold and very very hungry. What just happened? He was frightened. He felt his body shivering. In a split second he felt warm again. inside out. He felt overwhelming sense that a constant source of love was surrounding him. It was a feeling we can only experience. What just happened? he thought...Nevertheless, I should stop thinking and start must have gone by when Joey slept and ate and slept and ate and rested. He really did not care much. He was getting all he wanted to get. It was more like he was getting everything without really knowing what he wanted..that and sometimes it felt like he was riding a roller coaster. Kind of bumpy. Like a lullaby to put him to sleep if he was awake. I love this..he thought..

Tiny Joey got just a tiny bit stronger by all that resting and eating and resting and eating..and figured out he has legs. Tiny legs he can move. It was kind of fun. He could twist and turn and move his tiny head a bit ..but he still wanted to rest and eat and rest and eat and rest and he did just that..I love this..he thought..

Little Joey got a little bit stronger by all that resting and eating and resting and eating ..and figured he could do a was something..He was proud of himself. But why do i feel different suddenly? I see a whole lot of different things now..I see colors, I hear sounds, I see that I am moving without actually moving my body..Am i dreaming? Who is doing this to me? He looked around and saw someone he connected with instantly. She smiled. She patted him gently. That was reassuring. He was not that nervous any more. He felt confident and calm. He peeked his head a little more and started enjoying the ride. But there only this much little Joey could do before he felt tired again. Then all he wanted was to rest and eat and rest and eat and rest and he did just that..I love this..he thought..

Joey was full of life now. He smiled, ate, played, giggled, rested and did somersaults. But that was not enough now. He wanted to explore. He did not have to do much. She understood. She gently gave him a nudge just enough for him to jump out on his own and stand on his own for the very first time. It was magical!! Magical for both of them. Magical happiness poured out of their hearts. Magical music played in their ears and magical energy gave them just enough boost to explore together. But he missed something terribly. He missed the closeness and the secure feeling. His eyes spilled out his feelings and she smiled. Her eyes were inviting more than ever before and he jumped in like there is no tomorrow. Together they were..again..

Months must have gone by and Joey grew by leaps and bounds. He became more aware of himself and more independent. He became more adventurous. One fine morning when he was out there exploring with her, she looked at him and they spoke. They spoke a language of love that only they could understand. She was proud of him. It was time she said. I know he nodded. But when I am scared, will I do fine? he asked. You will my boy. WHen scared remember that safe place you came from and you will do just fine. She said. That one moment when they looked at each other felt like a moment frozen in time. So beautiful and no natural. So sad and so happy. So "only theirs"..and off he went away from her...

Last week I read a book to Sunshine and Buttercup about Kangaroos and found it interesting that A female kangaroo gives birth to a tiny baby about the size of a jellybean weighing only 2gm. A kangaroo baby is called "Joey". She carries it in her pouch for months until it is at a stage of development where it can live outside the pouch. Hats off to you Kangaroo moms!! I love you all. You rock!!

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