Friday, October 25, 2013

God I love Gods!!

Since I have a lot of work to do and no time for myself, I was thinking the other day about which God is one of my favorites. Apparently gods did not have too much work that day, so they came on the stage to show off their skills and what not. Poor things did not know I already had my mind set. Sorry god..human beings...(roll your that allowed as a God?)

I love love love Ganapati. Something to do with the goofy looks and loving eyes I guess. Goofy looks and loving eyes remind me of someone I know..who could that are some people who carry their purses wondering why they are so heavy and always have scrunchy on their wrists. Sometimes they do not remember their phone numbers and ask people to give them a missed call while exchanging contact information. They also like to eat a lot.

Then I love Krishna. Mischief. I love that. Who can live the entire whole life without it? I would like to be krishna once during my day. I would love to steal something from someone's lunch box if I think I love it more than anything. I also love that he has Radha And Meera both yearning for him. Who would not want 1 woman who dances and other woman who sings just doing that so you can be happy? And talk about giving advice. Love love love it. I want someone to write a book about how much advice I give to people around me. I bet people have a lot to learn from me. (note: Halo is for real)

Now don't get me wrong they both have great qualities other than these, but somehow these goofy mischievious things make them so human for me. If Gods can do all this, then why can't I? I came late to office, so what? I am sure Lord Krishna would have done the same thing if he was in my place. I stole a laddu from someone's lunch box..I am sure Ganpati is with me on this one. Stealing sweets is allowed until you reach age when you cannot eat them anymore. He told me so.

Then comes Maruti. You guessed it. Goofy. Smart and slighly weird. Remember once Maruti grew larger and larger in size? I totally want that but in opposite way. When Jay and Nina are throwing tantrums, I was to shink ..smaller and smaller small that they ultimately can't find me. And think about leaping. Oh my..God knows how helpful that will be for me when I am sitting in the bus stuck in Lincoln tunnel traffic..way to go Maruti god..

Now you might think, whats wrong with Rama and so on and so forth? Nothing actually. It's just that they seem way too serious. I can't approach them often with my issues because I am so silly. Remember Soup Nazi from Seinfield? He used to say No Soup for You..if someone made a slight mistake? I fear the other gods will say, No wending machine M&Ms for you today silly lady, if I crack a silly joke in front of him...God knows I love my M&Ms..don't you God?

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