Monday, September 30, 2013

For my heart and soul...

One precious boy was busy dreaming about a night full of sleep. As he went to bed each night he must have asked himself this question "Is today going to be the night I sleep through?". His red patchy rough skin full of Veseline and hands inside mittens irritated him like no other thing on the earth has. He kept his words to himself most of the times. He knew he has to live with this for the time being at least. His seven year old soul had kept itself busy throughout the day. He did go to school yawning. He studied his maths with heavy eyes. He memorized his spellings and finished his homework as told. The best time of the day was when he was on the playground playing tag. It was sunny and hot. He did not realize this until he came in and felt sorry for doing that. The itchiness was incredibly bad. He could not sit still. He could not write properly. He could not think through. He was worried if he continued scratching he would bleed on his uniform and his friends would make fun of him. He still made it through. He gave his best shot.

"Why me mommy?" he asked while taking bath which seemed like a torture. Why do people enjoy baths he would think each day. Why do people love swimming he pondered. Why can't I eat anything I like without worrying? His little mind drifted back and forth between all the whys several times during the day. At dinner time when he was sitting and chatting with mom and his little sister, mom asked "if you had the power to control the world, what kind of place do you want it to be?" little sis said "I want the world to have lots of toy shops and shoe shops" it was his turn. He looked at mom and found her eagerly waiting for his words. With his eyes full of kindness, he said "I want nobody in this world to be sick. They all need to be healthy" Mom was speechless and sad. Mom kissed his sweet face and whispered "If I could I would take away all your sickness my boy. All of it..."

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