Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vacation Day

It must be nice day outside
I can not wait to go on the slide

It's my vacation day afterall
Its six o'clock, I should waste no time at all..

I can hear Nina from the other room
Looks like the party will begin soon

Oh, but wait wait wait
Mom said it's her vacation day, we should sleep in late

no worries.. I will make no sound
I won't wake her up until she comes around

Psssttt Nina, come out, come out
Mommy will wake up soon, please don't pout

A few chairs and blankets on top of it
is all it will take to make our show a big hit

place your hand on the heart and stand by the chair
I will sing the national anthem and I won't be loud, pinky swear

you are the cat and I am the master in our cat show
say Meow and when I pat you, bend real low

drum the plates, bang the sticks for the grand finale my dear
I will play the piano to add some extra flair

a big round of applause
ladies and gentlemen is all I want to hear
oh..who is clapping for real?
mom and dad, I did not even know you were near..

Happy Vacation day everybody!!

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