Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hey Aajji

Wo आज्जी
uh haa uh haa
Hey Hey आज्जी
uh haa uh haa

I came up with this song just for you
cause you love me and yes, I love you too
Wo आज्जी , Hey आज्जी
Hey hey आज्जी
uh haa uh haaa

Can I tell you something while I am eating this pie
Air India needs money, but so do I
Why don't we make a deal and just move on
Don't you go early, will you please hang on..
Wo आज्जी , आज्जी भाजी
Uh haa Uh haa

Can we have you for ever and ever
Cuz you are so funny and nice and clever..
I love your tiger roar and yeah that fake burp
u know when you are not here, it's all work work work
आज्जी , hey hey आज्जी भाजी
uh haa uh haaa

मराठी एंक दोन तीन चार पाच
देवा मला बुद्धी दे आणि ऐक माझे आज
कन्नड OneDu TwoDu ThreeDu and FourDu
Air India चा strike होवूदेत, नको विमान सोडू
Hey Hey आज्जी , आज्जी भाजी
uh haan uh haan

तू आणि मी एंक rock star band काढू मस्त
मी cupcakes करेन आणि तू कर फस्त
बघ तुझ्यासाठी मी share करायला झालो तयार
तू राहा इथेच आता नको भाव खाउ फार
Hey Hey आज्जी
आज्जी भाजी
uh haa uh
Wo आज्जी
uh haa uh haa
Hey Hey आज्जी
uh haa uh haa

-Love जयडू
P.S: I will also let you win CandyLand if you stay. Only one time..

1 comment:

  1. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    Ajji is searching
    for jumping monkeys two.
    They really jump high;
    they really scream wild.
    The cute one is Nina
    but the real boss is Jaidu