Friday, March 11, 2011

My best maami and daddy

Dear Jay and Nina,

It's been raining ..all day long..

My best daddy lives in my memories..I never get to see him or talk to him..

My best maami lives in India. Far far away. thousands of miles away..I want to call her everyday..but sometimes I don't...when I am busy..When I call her the next day, I ask "maami, did you wait for my call yesterday?" She smiles and says "I knew you must be busy.." Sometimes I don't call her for 2 days in a row and then she leaves me a loving voicemail "Hope you are fine. worried about you." Then I call her and talk to her about all sorts of things..silly things, serious things, important things, not-so-important things, routine things and we have a ball..when I disconnect I realize I did not even ask her how she was. So i call her back and ask "maami, how are you? Have you been sleeping well? Have you been eating okay?" and I know her eyes get all teary and her voice turns all thick and heavy..and I know she is proud of me..She has always been. Sometimes she says "It's raining here and I thought about you all day", I choke and quickly change the subject as I remember all those stormy monsoon nights she held me close to her heart so I won't get scared..

You remember you learnt what "waiting" is in the Dr.Seuss book? She does a lot of that..waiting gracefully..waiting like it is a celebration..she waits to see me smile, she waits to pat my back, she waits to stroke my hair. When you were about to come in our lives, maami and daddy learnt that too..we celebrated waiting for you to be born, we celebrated waiting for you to take first steps, we celebrated waiting for you to talk and we will do that always and forever..When I leave my maami, I cry. She hugs me tight and says "find happiness. be nice. don't do this to yourself. Where is the happy face?" The way I feel when you cry sometimes on your way to school..

When you grow up and won't spend much time with maami and daddy, remember we will always wait for you no matter what and you can always come back to us. And when we are not around, you can be each others maami and nice and stick together my babies..

It's been raining ..And I miss my best maami and daddy...all day long..

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  1. thank you for taking the time to e-mail me! Whatever you say about yourself and your writing, this is possibly one of the most touching things that I have ever read. Seriously. Keep going!!