Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hi all! I am Jay and I am the ultimate cleaning machine you can ever think of. I have a bunch of cleaning supplies. Vacuums, brushes, name it, I have it..mommy says I make a whole lot of mess, but that is the whole point. You make a mess, you clean it, you make a mess, you clean it, you make a mess and sometimes don't clean it..
I have a daddy, mommy and sis Nina. I call her "Neen". She is something. She comes to same school and we see each other at the playground. She screams "daaadaaa, dada..." over and over again like she has not seen me in months. I guess she loves me or may be she loves screaming. Like when we are in the car on our way back home, she is into screaming a lot. When I grow up to be above 18 years and drive a car, I am going to keep her car seat in the front seat so she can look around..whilemean (as per mommy it is meanwhile, but i go by my rules) you will have to be in the back seat get what you get and you don't get upset..yeah..enough screaming Neen..
I love airplanes, snow plows, trains, buses. When I grow up, I am going to have my own airliner called "Air Hoss". Hoss because it will have a lot of cute air hostesses in it..
I can make snow plow out of anything, yeah, it's an art. Mommy branged 3 snow plows for me so far. She buyed it from the Amazon Toys R Us in Hoboken.
I love to sing..I am always singing..mommy says it will be okay if I don't study too much and become a singer or something..boy she is an inspiration, isn't she?
Daddy is funny..when mommy asks him to do something, he waves his hand like a military man and says "yes, madam" which mommy never likes. So, please stop doing it daddy. Not fair to mommy.
All in all, it is a wonderful life..busy, but cool..All Izz well..Have a hot dog day!

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