Monday, March 7, 2011

Let go

I should really get this done fast..before she catches me doing it..pick one straw out and quickly place the box it back in the cabinet like nothing ever happened..I feel someone tugging my shirt and I turn around and there she was..she caught me this time too. With a firm voice, she said
"I doooooo yit, maami" (BTW, I never mentioned this before, but I am starting to think Nina has a bit of southren accent, so this sounds like "aa dooo yit")
"I dooooo yit, maami"
"No no Nina, mommy is already done picking the straw for you.."
"I doooooo yit, maami"
"No Nina, take this one"

Now she is irritated, she grabs the big box of straws and pulls it, I start pulling from the other end.
"Let go, maami"
I pull harder..
"Let go, maami"
Jay is speechless looking at us..

if I let go, she will pick each straw, twist it and put it in her mouth and then put them back straws will all get twisted and dirty..oh a minute..who is the toddler here? it is really worth worrying about the straws than letting my daughter experiment with her newfound freedom..let go..let go..

so, I let go..
Nina cannot believe that..
"Nina dooo yit?"
"yes, Nina"
"Nina pick staw?"

she flashes a huge grin and carefully examines the box..she shakes it hard..not bad..let go...let go..
she looks at most of them without taking them out..yay...let go..let go...
she carefully grabs a blue straw and gives the box back to me..

"I done. yellow staw"
"u done, Nina?"
"are you ...." she has exited the room..

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