Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mr. McSpringy

Its that time again! The days of feeling good standing next to a car's exhaust are long gone. With another winter under my belt, I am ready to talk about weather without sighing..come on friends let's talk weather..

Welcome to our lives Mr. McSpringy!! I have not waited for anything to happen as much as I did for you to come..I love the long days, the great sunshine, the birds chirping in the early morning. I love to watch the geese playing in the river when my kids take me out for a walk..I love to hear from kids that I picked them up early since the sun is still shining bright in the sky...You have changed me into a totally new person..

Someone whose name starts with "W" knocked the wind out us this year. Mr. McSpringy, can you please come a little early next year and stay a little longer?

So long, Mr. W...please be nice to us next year.

P.S: Jay, please don't get upset with mommy. Mommy also loves watching snow plows..only when they are not working..

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