Friday, February 18, 2011

Little Kids Rock!!

A typical 8 PM weekday scene at our home..
I am working in kitchen to pack lunch for everyone. Jay is playing in the living room and he is singing. Nina is playing in living room talking to her imaginary friend.
Suddenly she emerges in the kitchen announcing "maami, poopies.." she points her finger towards her diaper (yeah, like I don't know where)
Jay comes and tells me matter of factly "yeah, that's true. Nina has stinky poopies"
Nina runs like a dart in other rooms thinking I will follow her. No no missy, I am not giving in to that one.
She returns to the kitchen and says "maami, poopies"
I grab her and rush towards the room to change her. Jay senses something interesting is going to happen and runs along.
Now Nina is screaming her head off while I am changing her diaper and her butt is in air at times. Jay is singing loudly to match her pitch and jumping over her.
Towards the end of diaper changing, I announce to ..oh..BTW, did I tell you Datta was working on this laptop like 2 feet away from this whole situation. So, I announce it to him "Datta, I am this close to losing it."
Nina is too young to understand what it means and Datta knows I have already lost it, but seems like Jay is catching up with me on that one. He looks at me like "you gonna lose it mommy? what if you lose it and do not get it back? I dont want to live with a crazy woman as my mom..dont lose it.."
There is silence, I pick Nina up and Jay follows. Suddenly, she puts her tiny hand on my hair and says "maami tayad? (tired) maami hungy? (hungry)?"
I do not believe she said that to me.
Jay puts his hands on my cheeks and says "reeeeeeeeee lax mommy, go to sleep"
OMG, kids are so natural in telling us how simple love can be.
what if when Datta walks in the house after a long day at work, I ask him "tayad? hungy?". Will that be magical for him?
I have yet to try...

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  1. Amazing! That's the only one word can describe about your writing! Obviously it's not a surprise to me as you are a natural writer...You write it from your heart and very few can do it....good luck