Friday, February 18, 2011

An Affair to remember

I am having an affair..there I said affair with’s been going on for years...I long for it..I am so happy when I get it..I day dream about it and I am miserable when I don’t get it..It must have started about 5 years back when Jay was born as a baby who never slept anywhere other than lap and as a baby who needed to be fed almost continuously. I remember during the first week after his birth, he would even scream on the lap while sleeping and my mom said to me "oh..poor baby..he cannot get proper position to sleep..". I looked at her like I cannot make sense of this entire world and said "but, what about me?" I think she expected this question from me..she patted gently on my shoulder and said "HE is a baby"..Then came Nina who looks like made a pact with Jay when in womb about not sleeping and when she would scream and not sleep anywhere but on the lap, Jay asked me "mommy, why is she crying? She can sleep ..." I gently patted on his shoulder and told him "SHE is a baby." at least I had learnt my lesson.
Although the days of dozing off while having an infant is on my lap are long gone, sleep is still not a guaranteed thing for me. Winters are hard. Nina wakes up which is alright, I make her sleep, wrap myself up in warm blanket and close my eyes and there she goes again..why would this baby wait until I am so comfortable in my bed and then wake up? Why can't she wake up immediately?
Last week at wee hours in morning, when I had put Nina to sleep successfully, I was thinking about my sleep issues and then it dawned on me. I had read an article about why human beings eat so much even if they are not hungry. It was related to ancient age humans when they had to hunt animals for survival and getting food was not a guaranteed thing for them. So, when they got something to eat, they ate a lot because they were never sure when they would eat next. Looks like I am on the right path after all. An affair with sleep is not a bad at all.
For all the tiny babies out there..Shhhh...Sleep and let sleep........

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