Friday, February 18, 2011

Amazing Human Beings

This week has been good so far. I mean it. Day before yesterday Datta came back from office in the eve and as he entered the door Nina went running to him and said "I love your shoes, Daddy". Datta stood there is total disbelief. We gave each other a mommy-daddy look and smiled. The other day I got a small boo boo and Nina came running to me and said "mommy, u okay?" Jay went running to the freezer and got ice pack for me and applied it on my boo boo. How cool is all that?
It has been a tough job to give bath to Nina lately. It takes about an hour. I try to coax her into taking bath peacefully. I give her lot of options, I let her choose some toys and her clothes, but nothing seems to make her want to take bath. I try all that peacefully for almost half an hour and then I turn into a totally different person. I got job to finish. I pick her up, pay no attention to her crying "Nooooo", take her into the bath tub and pour water on her. Sometimes she even has her clothes on. Then she ties to climb out of the tub and sit on my lap and I try to keep her in the tub and finish everything. She is crying the entire time. One day this week, I could see Jay getting upset and sad just looking at her. He came and said to her "Nina, you know you have to take bath everyday right? So, why dont you stop crying and enjoy these 15 minutes?". She suddenly stopped. I think little people listen to little people better. Jay asked her "Do you want me to hug you?". She said "yeah". He hugged her and then kept patting her gently and sang "A B C D" to her until I was done with my job. My boy saved me from the rest of the crying..
Now..moving on to incident number 2. Nina and Jay having a friendly fight like lion's cubs do. I was watching them from a distance. Suddenly the situation turned volatile. Jay would walk with her in parallel and then cross her path pushing her purposely and would go on his merry way. Sometimes when she fell down, he would fall near her and would not let her stand up with his legs on top of her legs. He paid no attention to her yelling "No, dada, stop, not nice, tine-out (it means timeout in Nina++ language)". He was actually very happy to see her fall and cry and be helpless.
How can the same person who is so gentle and supportive turn into this person who is mean and almost unreachable? Then I thought, isn't that true with all of us? We are so loving and gentle at times and at times we turn into these mean people. He is making her ready for this world. It is tough out there sister. You better learn it now from me than from anyone else.
It must be tough to be 1 year old and 4 year old. Sometimes when kids are crying and I see that helpless expression in their innocent eyes (after the first few minutes of them yelling because of anger ofcourse), I tightly hug them, and whisper in their ears "it is okay. I know it is hard. Mommy is here."
Admit know that there is at least 2 people living inside of us. One who does things and the other who watches the first one do things. When I do something good, I see the other Sangeeta smiling at me. When I do something bad, I see her telling me in calm and firm voice "you know what you did. It is time to make it right". Until my kids are old enough to find that other person inside them, I need to be that person, right?

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