Friday, February 18, 2011

Fighting..or lack of it..

I gotta say it..I love fighting..arguing...not leaving my point...always saying why? I did use to enjoy this until I got married. Then fighting became a totally different know when you play a game of squash alone? you are banging the ball against the wall and sometimes, if you hit it right way, you will get a second chance, otherwise, you are out of luck. Our fights are like that. I am fighting and arguing without any counter arguments..
then in the end..there is always a question "so, what do you want me to do?"
excuse me?
what do I want you to do?
fight man, fight...
okay, if not a real fight, I can even take this kind of fight, but I need to fight..even if it is in any shape or hard can it be to fight when you have is next to impossible..but I still try to make my point heard..
last week I was having healthy (according to me) argument with Datta. I was standing and Datta was sitting on a chair..and Jay was in the middle. He looked at us like spectators look at tennis match, then he tugged my shirt and said "excuse me, mommy, are you guys fighting?", I said "Yes, Jay, I am fighting with daddy". He quickly ran to his dad, put his little hand over Datta's shoulder and said "Now Mommy, why are making my Daddy sad in the middle of the day by fighting with him? Be nice." So there I went "Sorry Jay and sorry Daddy"
There are times I get this strong urge to make my points and be heard, and then I think let kids sleep and then I will bring it up..then at about 9:30 PM, I ask my self, think about this woman, would you rather fight or sleep and the answer is undoutably can make miracles happen for Datta..

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